Victubia - Heaven’s Shadow.


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Anyway, I promised a story and story I’ll provide. Without further ado, I present Heaven’s Shadow. This is my first time writing with real people as characters (even though they’re mostly cameos), so I hope I don’t come across as weird or creepy or out of character. 

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It was pretty quiet at Arania, the main florist in Victubia. It was particularly noted for its rainbow array of blooms;  flowers that looked like diamonds, but still had the silky texture of ordinary petals, silver and gold flowers, flowers that released little orbs of light depending on the seasons, and your standard flowers - if they could called standard.

The best part of the intrigue surrounding Arania was that NOBODY knew how the Autumn family managed it. Their secrets were definitely just that - secrets. And they thought that the situation should stay that way,for playful, economic and friendly reasons. Despite their popularity (the Queen herself used their services), the little shop was never over-crowded, thanks to the fact that flowers weren’t something people bought or used every day.

Rowenna stood patiently by the till, her forest green eyes focused on the pink carnations she was arranging as carefully as possible. Her twin brother, Alan, was sorting through empty buckets, checking for signs of wear that meant they’d have to be repaired or replaced.

"Uh, one of those little Sup Guys got in again."

Rowenna looked up at the sound of her brother’s voice and smiled warmly at the sight of the small white sprite tottering towards her flowers.

"Oh, you do enjoy coming here, don’t you?" she said lowly, plucking off a petal (another one taking its place) and giving it to the squeaking Sup Guy. "I think it is one of the Sup Guys that Lord Cryoatic adopted - I recognise the little bow tie."

"Oh yeah, it’s that one that keeps nearly drowning in our display buckets!" Alan responded in recognition, drawing himself fully upright and scratching his blond head. "Mom’s gonna be happy to see him again."

The bell tinkled as the Sup Guy chewed contently on the petal and Alan grinned at the sight of one of their group.

"Yo, Fermat! Where ya been, buddy?" he cheered, hopping over to greet their childhood companion and one of Victubia’s local doctors.

"With a patient," replied Fermat Sunday with a big smile, letting Alan clap him on the back. "One of the less co-operative ones."

Both grimaced.

"Oh shit, bet that was annoying."

"Could say that. He wouldn’t stop raving about boxes. It’s how he broke his leg in the first place." Fermat sighed and sat down on a wooden work stool.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" Rowenna asked gently and Fermat nodded gratefully. 

"Would  I ever."


In another part of Victubia, there existed a small shop that sold hats. TinTin’s Emporium was run by Christine (TinTin) Maki, a hat designer and maker who poured her heart into each creation. And it showed, for she many faithful customers, some of whom even paired her hats with Lady Marzia’s dresses. Each of these pairings were of great honour and brought her joy, for she was a pretty big fan of Marzia’s designs. 

However, today was not one of those days, for she was indulging in a day off work with her friend, Cyber.

"How are those blueprints of yours going?" she asked the inventor/mechanic as they lounged comfortably in the living room above the shop. 

Cyber chewed thoughtfully on a rock cake for a moment, before replying.

"Pretty good. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s possible to make a horseless carriage that runs off water."

He played with the rim of his grey cap for a moment, clearly troubled by this idea and TinTin had a good idea of what was coming next.


"But…I’m not sure how sustainable it would be. You know, I need a distraction while Ii think this one through some more."

TinTin smirked, taking an elegant sip of her tea.

"I think I hear a hint in there somewhere. Want me to send my darling Todd on over to your lab?"

The inventor visibly brightened, brown eyes glinting at the prospect of improving Todd’s wings, one of his self-proclaimed greatest inventions. He wasn’t as well known as some inventors in Victubia, but he wasn’t too shabby either.

"You know my mind too well, TinTin! I don’t think he’ll be overjoyed at dropping off his wings for the tenth time, but he won’t be complaining when those improvements save his ass!"

TinTin smiled.

"I won’t be complaining either."

For a moment, something heavy hung in the air between them.

"I worry about him, Cyb," she muttered after a pause, chocolate eyes turning to the window. "His job’s dangerous…more dangerous than most."

Her friend reached over and placed a hand over hers; a comforting gesture.

"It’s one of the many reasons why I do my utmost best to keep him equipped and safe." he said softly.

"I know you do, honey. I know."


This is the first one out of three or four, depending how long winded I get, so please give feedback and I’ll hopefully be introducing the rest of my characters in due course. My main character profiles (most of them) are up on my fanfiction profile and on my Tumblr blog, so check them out for their main universe identities! Hope this was alright.

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