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[I went there. I delayed the feels, and I disappointed you all. I am so, so sorry. But hey, Cry and the rest of the Crew are just as much of the story as Snake and Jund. I was in a good mood, so take some bad puns from Ziegs, and some cockblock from Cry… XD I’ll have another chapter soon enough,…



Hi everyone! This is basically an idea that sprung to my mind last night and was pretty much begging to be written.Based on a conversation a friend and I had and also is a product of me wondering what my place in Victubia would be.

After all, anything can happen in Victubia…


Victubia - Heaven’s Shadow: Part 2.


Hi everyone! Back for another installment of Heaven’s Shadow. Please enjoy!


Mark Davies usually opened his bakery around nine o’clock in the morning, a good time to open, in his opinion. It wasn’t too late, nor was it too early, and the majority of Victubians would be on their way to work - a great selling pitch for his humble establishment. As it was, the muscular blond had nearly finished dispensing his goods for the day and his hands were coated (as usual) in a fine dusting of flour.

The door opened and he blinked at the newcomer.

"Ross, nice to see you!"

The green-haired young man grunted a greeting, stepping in and using a tendril of light to shut the door behind him.

"How was the Academy today?"

"Could have been better. They kept comparing me to that bloody Vox Mage again! I don’t know why - I’m not even a Vox Mage!"

"You ARE their first Light Mage though - didn’t they say they’ve never seen anyone like you before?" Mark countered, hustling out some crusty bread for his friend.

Ross enjoyed eating the stuff by the baker’s dozen (his mind chuckled at the pun), for some reason.

"I don’t care, Mark! I HATE this!" Ross exploded, his English accent more pronounced. "I hate being compared to some masked guy I’ve barely seen! I want to be treated as a deserving mage in my own right…"

Rross trailed off, sticking a hand in his pocket for some coins, glaring when the blond slid the bread over to him anyway.

"It’son the house - don’t give me that look - for today. You could use some comfort food." the other replied, feeling sorry that the establishment felt the need to knock his confidence.

Then he fished out an envelope given to him by Elyon.

"Did you get yours?"

The grumpy person across from him slapped down his own invitation on the silver surface of the counter.

"You going?"


Meanwhile Elyon Johnson, Mark’s fiancee, sat above Mark and Ellie’s, shifting through monotonous paperwork - grumbling lovingly the whole time, of course. Well, someone had to do it, and as much as she loved Mark, Lord knew the man wouldn’t do himself.

"Ugh, I really wonder why I’m marrying him sometimes," she said irritably, one hand absently fingering her straw-blonde plait. "I think he’s marrying me so I can do all of his paperwork."

Their cat slept on beside her, unperturbed.

"Eh, you’re a cat. What would you know?"


Danielle Matzy laughed as she exited the post office with Scout and Duella, bringing up a gloved hand to cover her mouth.

"Aw man, seriously? Can’t believe you did that, Scout!"

The brown-haired hockey player grinned, slipping a hand into Duella’s.

"Yeah, sliding ass-first on the ice wasn’t my best moment."

The three stopped for a moment to let the Mayor of Victubia pass, her MOD followers flowing behind her like whirlwinds.

"Wish I had powers like them," Duella remarked wistfully, patting down her red bob. "Speaking of powers, I wonder what Ross will do after he graduates from the Academy?"

Her two companions shrugged.

"Maybe we’ll find out at our group meet-up tonight."

"Oh yeah, we’re all getting together at the Late Night Bar tonight! Nearly forgot about that!" Scout slapped his pale forehead and Danielle rolled her blue eyes.

"Come on, bozos, we gotta meet Alan."

Scout and Duella sighed as their perky friend started talking vibrantly about her beloved once again.


Todd perched on the roof, his dark eyes scanning the streets below. He’d bumped into the Mayor earlier this afternoon and managed to gather a few leads on the new case he was working on.

Pretty much everyone in Victubia knew of the winged detective, a prominent figure in the Victubian Police. The MODs were fantastic protectors, but even they couldn’t cover everything. It made sense to have the regular cops on hand as well. Though Todd Damon could hardly be called regular, what with his wings being his preferred method of travel and his excellent self-defense skills. He’d even once solved a murder case with the help of Lord PewdiePie, famous ghost hunter, and CinnamonToastKen, the Victubian reporter. He had made sure to thank them both as properly as he was able, but it also meant he’d been thrust into the spotlight. 

He still wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

His braided black hair swayed lightly in the breeze and the city itself became bathed in orange and gold, almost as if the Sun herself was blessing Victubia for one last time until the morrow. It was oddly peaceful up there.

It didn’t last long however, for the great detective finally spotted his target. With accuracy and precision, he opened his big wings and fell forward.


Right, so there’s some more. I am aware that two of my characters share the same names as Markiplier and one of Pewdie’s characters, Stephano. I swear and assure you all that this wasn’t intentional. Also, I hope nobody minds my expansion of the Victubian universe. Much as I love the main Victubians, I genuinely feel that it’s always awesome to show the general civilians of Victubia and how big the city/country itself is. I mean, Gabbi and her team have done such a good job with creating the world itself - leaving it open to wider interpretation is also a fabulous move on their part.

A bit of trivia for you all - Arania (the flower shop from the last chapter) is named after my Royal AU. In that timeline, Rowenna and Alan are Crown Prince and Crown Princess of a planet with the same name. So it’s also a bit of an in-joke.

Any questions or critique you have will be very welcome!


It Still Continues :D


The Encounter Part 3:

Ken was leaned back in his chair, the gentle rocking causing him to sleep deeper and deeper. There hadn’t been a good story in weeks. Nothing worth writing about. The Magi Academy’s students were doing their annual assessment, but no one cared about that.

“Write about that Vox Mage,” Mary had told him. Like he hadn’t tried? There was nothing but rumors about him. No one really knew where he came from or who he really was. He was the Masked Mage. Nothing else. Nothing was happening, and therefore, Cinnamon Ken of the Toasty Times had nothing to do.

From beneath him his Corgi, Betty, huffed and made small yips at the door to his office. Ken was too out of it to notice. Betty dashed up to the door and barked. Something was coming for her master, her papa, and she wanted to know what it was. Betty was lucky to have scooted to the left, as the door swung open and slammed against the adjacent wall.


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